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Financial Hardship

Chelle7 started this conversation

So I have tried this once before and got nothing so here it goes again........I think maybe I put it in the wrong category before.  I am a single mother of two and I lost my job 4 days after Christmas.  I have had an unsuccessful job search since.  I have had several interviews and nothing!!! I guess when you just don't have enough experience they don't want you.  So I applied for assistance just to help get by until I find a job and I got denied!  I have shared parenting with my ex-husband so that pretty much screwed me out of any kind of help.  And I don't get any help from him.  Bills are backing up and things are starting to get shut off.  I have never asked for help in my life.  But now I don't know what else to do.  If there is an angel out there for me please fly my way.  I can't take it anymore!!!!   My phone will be disconnected within the next 24-48 hours and the gas is next.  And with two children and not so spring like weather I can't have that.  I am also on the verge of losing my vehicle.  Then I won't have a way to get my son back and forth to school on the days that he is with me.  I think I have hit rock bottom and I have nowhere else to turn.  Someone PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

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